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January 08, 2012

ROBLOX, Finally For Mac!

Two days ago, ROBLOX studio came to mac. For a lot people with macs this is a good thing for mac. I'm just so clad the did it. I'm playing around with it, It looks really good. I just hope that releases it for android! Well I'm happy about it. I hope it helps you. SO even if you don't use macs, It came out to who did,
Have macs. Good Luck ROBLOX players. I hope you enjoy ROBLOX.


January 04, 2012

Fire mask out of frozen gift!

Does it seem a bit odd that a frozen gift has a fire one in it? In other news, the snowpacalypse gift of december 26th has opened. Inside you found... A Deathfyre Mask!

I think its pretty cool even though I didn't get it.