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January 08, 2012

ROBLOX, Finally For Mac!

Two days ago, ROBLOX studio came to mac. For a lot people with macs this is a good thing for mac. I'm just so clad the did it. I'm playing around with it, It looks really good. I just hope that releases it for android! Well I'm happy about it. I hope it helps you. SO even if you don't use macs, It came out to who did,
Have macs. Good Luck ROBLOX players. I hope you enjoy ROBLOX.


January 04, 2012

Fire mask out of frozen gift!

Does it seem a bit odd that a frozen gift has a fire one in it? In other news, the snowpacalypse gift of december 26th has opened. Inside you found... A Deathfyre Mask!

I think its pretty cool even though I didn't get it.

December 19, 2011

Offical Video!

This is the offical video!

Meet An Intresting Robloxain. Bobbysayhi

What do you like about ROBLOX:
I like making videos
What do you think could be changed on ROBLOX:
Unfair banning, more useful updates
What will you do in the next 5 years on ROBLOX:
I won't be on for five more years. During my stay though I will continue making videos. It is all I care about really on ROBLOX.
Sports, Videos
Funniest thing:
Not sure.


December 17, 2011

So, I got a ban.

Darn... Account got disabled for1 day, So.... I use an alt now. If you want to message me the best way would be to contect me at AlexnewtronII my alt. Thanks. I should be back on by:  3:36:6 Central.
Thanks, I hope I can get back to you. :D

Well, What are we doing now?

We are hosting a contest. The contest is, A best game contest. Ok? This is what you must do.
Name of place: PLACE NAME HERE
Why did you enter it:  WHY DID YOU ENTER IT?
Pm Retvet98765431 your entry.

Meet An Intresting Robloxain. Textmasterthe9th.

Name: TextMasterThe9th

What you think of ROBLOX:
I think roblox is a very creative, unique game for people of various ages. I like how it isn't just another website with a flood of games by various game websites, But a place where the players control the game, It even opens doors into the world of computer programming with Lua and to other programming languages. But most of all I like how you can get feedback for players, interact with other players and even play games you have created with other players.

What should be changed in ROBLOX:
I think that roblox should bring back solo mode because it has cause many players to have to try and find new ways to create there places that they don't really understand. Alot of players even use scripts no generate there places but now arent able to do so.

I like to paint, draw, play piano, programming, singing and mostly hanging out with friends

Favorite Game:
This is a hard question to answer because there really are so many unique, fun and entertaining games on roblox. But if i had to narrow it down to my top two favorite games i would have to say "Pool Tycoon 3" by Dennisvdz and "Hide and Seek" by Lando64000

And The funest thing ever to you:
The funnest thing i have ever done is gone Zip-lining.